Leveraging AI for Seamless Customer Response and Workflow Optimization

Etaily, a second wave e-commerce enabler, is harnessing the power of generative AI to provide
tech-enabled client services in the e-commerce space.

AI-powered customer response to negative product reviews

Responding to product reviews was a manual process that took 648 man hours to accomplish. This pain point was a strong case for us to automate and build our own Custom Reply Generation Tool by leveraging OpenAI’s GPT models. 

As we were automating this process, it was critical for us to remain consistent with how we connect and communicate with our customers.  We started by employing past customer reviews and our responses to train GPT models. With these data, the models are learning to understand the overall context of these texts and be able to generate its own response. As a result, our tool processes posted negative reviews, understands its context, and automatically generates an appropriate & personalized response. 

These generated responses emulate how our team expertly replies and takes into consideration customer’s emotions. Ultimately, while responses are automated, our objective remains clear: to convert customer dissatisfaction into building a long-term, positive relationship with the brand. 

Our Custom Reply Generation Tool has since handled and responded to about 249,500 customer reviews, saving our Customer Service team 3,119 hours within 6 months of the tool’s inception. With this innovation, it has enabled the team to reallocate resources to high-impact tasks, achieving efficiency gains valued at $10,000

While we have achieved this feat, we are continuously iterating our tool from feedback we’ve gathered. Moreover, we are continuously reviewing our models to ensure that customer data is based solely on publicly available data and that they accurately reflect the needs of our customers. 

Maximizing the benefits of Artificial Intelligence (AI) has given us great advantage to be able to focus and optimize on our other business functions. As such, we are continuously integrating AI within customer service, particularly with customer responses to positive and follow-up reviews.

Harnessing the power of AI in Performance Marketing and Demand Forecasting

Beyond customer service, we are also in the process of integrating AI into our performance marketing business and Demand Forecasting operations. 

With advanced data analysis, we will be able to understand customer preferences on a much deeper level. This would enable us to come up with curated promotions and product recommendations to lead potential customers to make meaningful purchase decisions. In a macro lens, this innovation would increase brand investment in online ad campaigns with evident contribution to brand revenues. 

Moreover, implementing advanced machine learning models to our current demand forecasting process would yield us more accurate predictions, specifically in inventory management and resource allocation. Implementing this model would optimize our supply chain and contribute to business profitability.

These advancements in AI go hand-in-hand with Etaily’s commitment to innovate the e-commerce industry. By leveraging the benefits of this technology, we are able to drive digital transformation beyond our internal teams, contributing to client’s efficiencies and profitability.