Etaily provides pharmacy the Path for Online-to-Offline

Providing a Path for Online-to-Offline Setup


Etaily is a one-stop, omni-channel solution that helps businesses sell virtually. Whether it’s content production and channel creation to warehousing and fulfillment, Etaily offers a full suite of services encompassing anything a brand would ever need to get closer to their customers, complete smooth transactions, and bring the product to their customer’s doorstep.

So far, Etaily has worked with SMEs, fashion conglomerates, and Fortune 500 companies such as Vans, Mossimo, Terranova, and more to launch and run their e-commerce businesses at start-up speed.

The Challenge.

The online-to-offline model has become popular among drug retailers. For example, while the online sales share of over-the-counter drugs is only 8% in China, it has been expanding rapidly with a year-on-year growth rate of up to 47%.

Additionally, according to Sumit Goel, Managing Partner and Head – Healthcare and Pharma and Life Sciences at consultancy firm Praxis Global Alliance, the number of households using e-pharmacy services grew 2.5 times to 9 million during the pandemic.

The Generics Pharmacy (TGP) recognizes the importance of maintaining a robust online presence and wants to adopt an O20 model.

Unfortunately, pharmacies looking to sell online and vice versa will find numerous challenges in their path. Fulfillment, for instance, is tricky for medicines that require special storage requirements and must be shipped immediately to the customers who need to take them. It can also be a challenge to continually update inventory as demand for certain medicine surges.

In general, trying to thrive in e-commerce and running the day-to-day business is a challenge even for an essential service like pharmacies. Attempting to balance the two can take away precious resources like time and money.

The Plan of Action.

The use of e-commerce enablers is a way to help brands navigate the region’s e-commerce.

E-commerce enablers such as Etaily offer an end-to-end one-stop solution that covers everything from branding and content creation to shipping, fulfillment, and customer service.


Brands can implement a sharper e-commerce strategy by partnering with an end-to-end e-commerce enabler like Etaily.

Etaily helped TGP establish a robust online presence by working with the brand to build the necessary infrastructure for a website and taking care of fulfillment. Etaily even helped the brand create better content for its website to build a stronger identity.

Outcome .

So far, Etaily has worked with SMEs, fashion conglomerates, and Fortune 500 companies to launch and run their e-commerce businesses and stand out against their competition. Etaily counts international brands such as Vans, Mossimo, and Terranova among its satisfied clients.
Etaily’s work with TGP is especially important seeing as TGP’s goal is to explicitly make essential medicine affordable for the masses. Together, Etaily and TGP bring this goal a step closer to reality.

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