Entering the online retail space with Etaily

Leading Department Stores.

Landmark, one of the leading department stores in the Philippines, aimed to create an online retail channel amidst the online shopping revolution amplified by the COVID-19 pandemic. However, while Landmark is a well-established offline retailer, it struggled to shift online. To resolve this roadblock, it sought a partner that could bring its department store to online consumers and integrate its offline stores with its online channels to give customers a complete omni-channel experience. Landmark tapped Etaily to help with these challenges. The e-commerce enabler proved to be the right partner through its end-to-end e-commerce solutions.


Landmark is a department store and supermarket founded by businessman Teddy Keng. He first opened Landmark Makati in January 1998, which became popular for its affordable and unique products across categories of clothing, accessories, electronics, homeware. Since Landmark’s establishment, its supermarket has been recognized as the top supermarket in the entire country in terms of sales.

In 2007, Landmark Trinoma was born, becoming home to the largest supermarket in the city at 7,000 sqm. Landmark then xpanded to southern Metro Manila with the opening of Landmark in Festival Alabang Mall in 2014 and in Ayala Malls Solenad in 2019. The department store chain has yet to open its new branches in Cebu City, Manila Bay, and Evo City, Cavite.

Landmark has become a one-stop shop for mall-goers. With the establishment of the Mary Mother of Hope Chapel in both Landmark Makati and Trinoma, the department store has drawn families who want to go to mass, have a nice meal, and shop for apparel or groceries all in one place.

The Challenge.

With the COVID-19 pandemic forcing physical retail stores to temporarily close, Landmark saw an opportunity to start its retail digital transformation to fully integrate its existing offline retail points with online channels. It also sought a business partner that could manage a wide range of online store operations, such as:

  • Fully updating its business tools to suit e-commerce
  • Providing a working infrastructure to integrate offline retail and online marketplaces
  • Managing and mapping inventory
  • Overseeing warehouse and fulfillment operations

The Plan of Action.

Landmark tapped Etaily to help launch the department store on leading e-commerce marketplaces, create effective online content to advertise its products, overdrive growth and performance marketing, establish a functional online inventory system, and fulfill orders until items are delivered directly to its customers.


Etaily provided Landmark a full suite of omni-channel e-commerce solutions, such as the following:

Etaily built Landmark’s Lazada and Shopee online storefronts, covering the store design, user experience, artwork, and copy. Etaily also strategically segmented Landmark’s products into categories such as “Furniture & Organization” and “Bedding & Bath” so that customers can easily navigate the department store’s online marketplaces. Categories such as “New Arrivals” and “50% Off” mirrored how physical Landmark department stores displayed new and discounted items for customers to easily find. After creating its online retail channels, Landmark’s next moves are to build its own e-commerce website and implement a strong omni-channel experience where customers can order online and pick up their items from the brand’s physical retail stores.
Coming from an offline retail setup where customers can simply look and touch the product first-hand, Etaily aimed to recreate an in-depth experience with beautiful products photos and clear product descriptions. Etaily featured products in various angles and colors to provide customers with the options that are available online. Etaily also improved Landmark’s product descriptions by displaying full product details that may be important for customers when making a purchase decision while remaining clear and concise.
Etaily’s team of experts managed the daily operations of Landmark’s Lazada and Shopee storefronts. This involved updating inventory and product details, changing banners for new campaigns and sales, and liaising with marketplace account managers. Through proper channel reporting, Etaily was able to identify consumer behaviors on each individual channel and pinpoint products that sell for better online merchandising.
Etaily coordinated with Lazada and Shopee account managers to ensure Landmark is always updated with new marketplace policies and sitewide campaigns. Etaily also managed new initiatives hosted by the e-commerce platforms such as the Buy Now, Pay Later feature with Lazada. Etaily planned and coordinated Landmark’s promotions for major sales events such as Shopee’s 5.5 Brands Festival, as well as introduced new online sales tactics such as free shipping, vouchers, and rebates to increase conversions on Lazada and Shopee.
Coming from an inventory management system of an offline retailer, Etaily needed to create an SKU naming convention for Landmark to suit e-commerce standards. For each SKU, Etaily set different names for each item’s size, colors, and variety for seamless tagging of online and inventory management. Etaily also helped Landmark’s suppliers migrate to the new naming system.
Unlike the physical Landmark department stores, Landmark’s Lazada and Shopee storefronts do not get natural foot traffic without effective marketing and advertising. Thus, Etaily created traffic through performance marketing on Facebook and Google. Through interest targeting, Etaily also retargeted customers who have visited Landmark’s online stores, as well as served the right creative and messaging to increase conversions.
Etaily built Landmark’s social media presence on Facebook and Instagram, covering content creation, social media analytics, and customer inquiries on these platforms. Etaily also used social media to strengthen Landmark’s brand presence online and drive traffic to its Lazada and Shopee storefronts through deals and e-commerce events. Using Facebook Messenger, Etaily helped Landmark directly respond to customer inquiries about mall hours and specific products.
Online customers have a lot of questions when buying things online. They seek more information about the size, material, and features of their product of choice because they cannot feel the product in their hands unlike at a physical store. Etaily’s team of experts handled all of Landmark’s customer service inquiries—such as those coursed through direct messages, comments, and more—and made sure to meet marketplace service-level agreements.
Etaily used its warehouse to store Landmark’s e-commerce inventory for seamless delivery once the orders are made. Once an order is confirmed, the Etaily team quickly browses through the inventory and packs orders to ensure proper packaging depending on the items. For example, if a customer orders perishable drinking glasses, Etaily ensures that breakable items are packed with the right safety precautions so they will be kept safe in transit.

Outcome .

Upon going online, Landmark reached three major successes. First, it became recognized as one of the top eight brands in the “Kitchen & Dining” category on Lazada in May 2021. It also achieved PHP1 million GMV (gross merchandise value) in April 2020 and gained more than 24,000 followers on Instagram and almost 120,000 followers on Facebook.

Why Etaily is Your Ideal Partner for E-commerce.

Etaily offers an end-to-end, one-stop solution that covers everything from branding and content creation to shipping, fulfillment, and customer service. We combine the capabilities of digital consultancies, e-commerce enablers, and design professionals in one team. We’ve worked with small- and medium-sized enterprises, fashion conglomerates, and Fortune 500 companies to launch and run their e-commerce businesses at start-up speed.
We offer a range of omni-channel solutions designed to meet all your e-commerce needs. We take care of the following e-commerce processes:
  • Taking professional product photos and creating SEO-optimized product descriptions
  • Setting up and managing brand website and marketplace stores—from creating website banners to correctly categorizing products
  • Managing orders, inventory, and fulfilment through our network of distribution partners, global couriers, and third-party logistics companies to avoid delayed shipments or inventory shortage
  • Coordinating with marketplace channels to participate in big events like 11.11 and 12.12 to hit sales goals
  • Implementing performance marketing and affiliate marketing practices
  • Handling customer service to build long-term brand-customer relationships
  • Analyzing customer data to identify sales trends and improve pricing and online merchandising to scale e-commerce businesses.