Becoming a leading online fast fashion brand with Etaily

Leading Online.

Terranova Philippines, the exclusive operator of 7 local and 42 leading international brands, sought a local partner that can overcome their challenges in building an online retail ecosystem for global fast fashion company Terranova. They needed an e-commerce enabler that can create a customer-friendly online store experience, launch the brand in leading e-commerce marketplaces in the Philippines, overdrive online channel growth and marketing, and manage inventory and fulfill orders to items into the hands of their online customers, among other things. Etaily proved to be the ideal partner for Terranova Philippines.


Terranova is an Italian fast fashion brand that is present across Italy and 37 other countries. The brand is known for its colorful, youthful, and trendy designs of everyday staples such as t-shirts, trousers, shorts, sweatshirts, jackets, accessories, and more for people of all ages.

Terranova was founded in 1998 by Vittorio Taddey under the Teddy SpA Group of companies, which also founded international brands such as Rimascimento, Calliope, Kitana, and QB24. Terranova reached the Philippine shores in 2003 with its first store in Glorietta 4 mall through Remini Italia Corporation, a unit of TriMark Holdings Inc., and opened its biggest store yet in SM Mall of Asia in 2006 to cater to its growing market. Today, there are over 16 Terranova stores throughout the Philippines.

The Challenge.

A leading fast fashion brand, Terranova Philippines faced challenges going online quickly yet efficiently during the COVID-19 pandemic. It had two main requirements at the onset of its e-commerce transformation:

Prior to the pandemic, Terranova Philippines mostly reached retail success through its physical stores. Now with mobility restrictions in place because of the global crisis, the brand needed a working infrastructure that could operate multi-channel retailing that connects its website and fulfillment center.

Thinking long term, Terranova Philippines also sought an inventory and data sync system across its physical stores, head office, and new online platforms. This system not only assures Terranova Philippines that it can efficiently and fully run its e-commerce operations during the pandemic, but also allows the brand to centralize its data once it needs to simultaneously look after its online and offline stores when lockdown measures ease nationwide.

The Plan of Action.

Remini Italia Corporation and TriMark Holdings Inc. tapped e-commerce enabler Etaily to build Terranova Philippines’ online retail ecosystem. From content production to warehousing and fulfillment, Etaily helped the brand meet its e-commerce needs to continue serving its existing customer base.


Etaily provided Terranova Philippines a full suite of omni-channel eCommerce solutions, such as the following:

Etaily built Terranova.ph, covering the design, user experience, copy, and back-end features of the website for ordering, payment and delivery. Etaily also created Terranova’s ZALORA storefront through API channel integration, which involved integrating the brand’s website functionalities directly into the online store to help streamline order fulfillment, shipping, and delivery processes.

Etaily worked directly with the local Terranova team and brand principals to manage the brand’s existing content and implement campaign plans across its online channels. Etaily also provided product photography services to diversify content that is tailor-fit for Terranova Philippines’ online channels, as well as SEO-optimized the brand’s product descriptions to create a seamless shopping experience for its customers.
Etaily’s team of e-commerce experts updated Terranova Philippines’ inventory and product details, changed banners for new campaigns and sales, and liaised with marketplace account managers. Through proper channel reporting, Etaily was able to identify the shopping behaviors of customers on each of the brand’s channels and the products that sell the most to optimize existing channels and improve channel mix.

Etaily built a consolidated inventory stock pool for Terranova Philippines’ offline retail, website, and marketplace stores. Oftentimes, a separate inventory stock pool for each channel leads to overstocking due to the need for safety stock, which can account for 60% or more of a brand’s total inventory. With a consolidated stock pool, Etaly was able to lower inventory costs for Terranova Philippines and enable more competitive pricing.

Etaily implemented back-and-forth order and inventory synchronization for real-time visibility of product-specific stock availability across all of Terranova Philippines’ marketplaces. With one shared inventory across their online stores, the brand was able to fulfill demand and welcome more customers. If one channel runs out of stock of a particular item, the brand can simply get inventory from another channel. This process leads to fewer missed opportunities and happier customers.
Customers have a lot of questions when buying clothes online because they cannot experience products in person unlike in brick-and-mortar stores. They tend to inquire about sizes, fit, color availability, shipping methods, and more to find out if the item is right for them. Etaily’s team of experts handled all of Terranova Philippines’ customer service inquiries online—such as those coursed through direct messages, comments, and more—and made sure to meet the brand’s marketplace service-level agreements.
As a proactive partner for e-commerce brands, Etaily not only sets up and operates online stores and marketplaces for brands, but also trains and upskills staff on e-commerce tools and practices. We helped Terranova Philippines train its employees to be more adept with answering customer queries, using website tools such as content and order management systems, and picking and packing orders, among other things.
Etaily uses its warehouse to store Terranova Philippines’ inventory for seamless delivery once orders are made. Once an order is confirmed, the Etaily team quickly browses through the inventory and packs orders that align with Terranova Philippines’ branding. For orders on Terranova.ph, Etaily handles last-mile logistics to bring products straight to the customer on time based on SLAs.

Outcome .

Etaily launched Terranova.ph and Terranova’s ZALORA storefront in January 2021 and achieved XX in their first three months of operations. Soon after, Terranova Philippines’ shop launched on Lazada, one of the largest online marketplaces in the country. This success pushed Terranova and Etaily to take their business partnership to the next level through enhanced performance marketing and added affiliate marketing.

Like Terranova Philippines, other Etaily clients have also reached double in terms of business growth rate and monthly repurchase rate, 1.5 times higher in conversion rate and average order value, and decreased cart abandonment rate.

Why Etaily is Your Ideal Partner for E-commerce.

Etaily offers an end-to-end, one-stop solution that covers everything from branding and content creation to shipping, fulfillment, and customer service. We combine the capabilities of digital consultancies, e-commerce enablers, and design professionals in one team. We’ve worked with small- and medium-sized enterprises, fashion conglomerates, and Fortune 500 companies to launch and run their e-commerce businesses at start-up speed.
We offer a range of omni-channel solutions designed to meet all your e-commerce needs. We take care of the following e-commerce processes:
  • Taking professional product photos and creating SEO-optimized product descriptions
  • Setting up and managing brand website and marketplace stores—from creating website banners to correctly categorizing products
  • Managing orders, inventory, and fulfilment through our network of distribution partners, global couriers, and third-party logistics companies to avoid delayed shipments or inventory shortage
  • Coordinating with marketplace channels to participate in big events like 11.11 and 12.12 to hit sales goals
  • Implementing performance marketing and affiliate marketing practices
  • Handling customer service to build long-term brand-customer relationships
  • Analyzing customer data to identify sales trends and improve pricing and online merchandising to scale e-commerce businesses.