Empowering Tomorrow – Etaily’s Approach to Sustainable Development Goals

We have ended 2023 with an epoch of unparalleled triumph for etaily, marking a trail of accolades and recognition and amplifying our business to go further in the e-commerce industry.


With a stellar track record, we are proud to share our highlighted achievements:

  • February – granted the ISO Certification
  • September –  gained the Lazada Ecosystem Partner of the Year award. Achieved P100M GMV with 10 etaily managed brands ranking within the top 10 across 20 categories
  • November – received the Series A closing with a $17.8M funding round

Our commitment to excellence has grown exponentially as the days go by, transcending boundaries and overcoming challenges to redefine the next generation of e-commerce channel engines.


We stand poised for 2024 in upholding our business as a force for good and an instrument for positive change. As we embark on this next chapter, we have placed importance on the foundation of etaily’s approach to Sustainable Development Goals in creating a business with measurable progress, and real-world impact.

We believe in the imperative fusion between commerce and conscience, resulting in an industry where progress is quantifiable and impact is palpable.

SDG priorities

Beyond being an eCommerce enabler, we’re building a sustainable and greener future for etaily by committing to these practices, spearheading responsible business initiatives, and innovating a positive environmental impact.


We focused our resources and ambition on four critical SDG priorities: good health and well-being, gender equality, work and economic growth, and responsible production and consumption.

Good Health and Well-being

Prioritize employee well-being with empowering strategies for happiness, health, and engagement. We’re doing this by advocating for flexible work arrangements and wellness programs to boost employee satisfaction and motivation. 


Our Efforts:

  • Facilitated Learning Nugget sessions that have been participated by etaily’s LGBTQ+ in Q3 of 2023
  • Sustained Etaily’s Employee Assistance Program through a strengthened partnership with InTouch Community Services Inc. where all employees are eligible for four free mental health sessions or consultations with a Mental Health Counselor per year.
  • Implemented Employee Medical Reimbursement last February 1, 2024, wherein all regular, full-time employees are entitled to PHP 5,000 worth of Medical Reimbursement annually.
  • Strengthened Etaily employee benefits through a subscription meal program, fueling work days with 1000 monthly credits

Gender Equality

Etaily also embraces the drive of SDG 5 in achieving gender equality as well as empowering all women through multiple activity-based and learning programs to raise awareness and promote equal opportunities across the whole organization.


We’re committed to driving measurable progress toward this priority by actively eliminating discrimination, empowering leadership, and eradicating harmful practices against women and girls, both within our company and beyond.


Additionally, we are embracing diverse perspectives and creating an inclusive environment for all employees.

Work and Economic Growth

Continuously upgrading employees’ skills and embracing lifelong learning to promote sustainable prosperity by adapting to changing technological landscapes and market demands.


Measuring our impact and progress on sustainable development allows us to establish clear targets and track our success. This comprehensive approach emphasizes our environmental, social, and economic footprint, fostering a holistic understanding of our contributions and guiding us toward responsible and sustainable practices.


Our Efforts:

  • Implemented a successful risk management process, exercising and observing  General Safety and Material Handling within etaily Managed Warehouse day-to-day operations
  • Achieved 262 Zero-Incident Days in the Landmark Managed Warehouse operations since implementation

Responsible Production and Consumption

SDG12 focuses on Responsible Consumption and Production which emphasizes the necessity for responsible and efficient resource utilization, reducing waste generation, and promoting the sustainable use of natural resources.


By embracing SDG 12, we can not only contribute to a healthier planet but also create a more resilient and responsible business model.


Our Efforts:




Established a partnership with non-profit organizations. Instead of discarding slightly damaged items, this ensures they reach communities in need through food bank donations.

Over 1,200 kg of products were saved from the landfill

Designed accessible food donation process alternatives for near-expiry items 

Implemented proactive monitoring of near-expiry items 

Worked towards using environment-friendly packing materials for product storage and shipment

By using substitute packaging materials to reduce single-use plastics, approximately 4,100 sqm of bubble wrap was saved through a joint effort of Etaily’s Fulfillment & Logistics team and warehouse partner.

Here is a visualization of our efforts towards Sustainability:

This 2024, we’re not just looking back at achievements, but boldly gazing forward. We envision etaily as a successful business and as a beacon of positive change. By integrating the SDGs into our core, we commit to measurable progress: fostering well-being, empowering equality, driving economic growth, and maintaining responsible consumption and production.


Let’s continue building a future where commerce leaves a footprint of progress, not pollution.


What’s NEW for 2024?


In 2024, we are even more committed to creating better layouts for our SDG initiatives, prioritizing Gender Equality and Responsible Production and Consumption.


Stay tuned for exciting developments, including our upcoming Pride Month activities!