Etaily helps Terranova PH Build an Online Retail Ecosystem

Terranova Philippines faced a challenge many other companies from different industries faced as well—going digital

Terranova has been taking over the fast fashion industry since 1998, operating in 37 countries including the Philippines. But when the COVID-19 pandemic put many aspects of business on hold, Terranova Philippines faced a challenge many other companies from different industries faced as well—going digital. Take a look at how Etaily helped the brand build an online retail ecosystem to meet the evolving needs of its customers.
When the COVID-19 pandemic spread across the world, many believed that it would only be a temporary roadblock in business and life. But when lockdowns stretched on, businesses took it as a sign to think beyond their contingency plans and strategize for the long term, with COVID-19 as part of the norm. For some companies, especially those in retail like Terranova Philippines, this meant going online.

In the Philippines, e-commerce quickly became a great alternative to physical stores during the pandemic. With the country being home to 79.7 million internet users, it became easy for consumers to shop online. But while the shift to e-commerce was easy for many consumers and small businesses, the opposite can be said for established businesses. Contrary to popular belief, not all businesses have the knowledge, resources, and manpower to fully go digital. Terranova Philippines faced this exact predicament at the onset of the pandemic and thus needed a partner to help resolve this challenge to continue serving customers across the country.

What were Terranova Philippines’ e-commerce needs?

Terranova Philippines faced challenges going online quickly yet efficiently. First, it needed a working infrastructure that could operate multi-channel retailing that connects its website and fulfillment center.
Second, it needed an inventory and data sync system across its physical stores, head office, and new online platforms. This system not only assures Terranova Philippines that it can efficiently and fully run its e-commerce operations during the pandemic, but also allow the brand to centralize its data once it needs to simultaneously look after its online and offline stores when lockdown measures ease nationwide.
Fortunately, e-commerce enabler Etaily stepped in to give Terranova Philippines a helping hand.

How did Etaily meet Terranova Philippines’ needs?

Etaily provided Terranova Philippines a full suite of omni-channel e-commerce solutions, such as the following:

Online retail channel creation with API-channel integration

We built Terranova Philippines’ website, covering design, user experience, copy, and back-end features for ordering, payment, and delivery. We also set up the brand’s ZALORA storefront through API channel integration.


Content creation and management

We contributed to Terranova Philippines’ existing content, implemented campaign plans across the brand’s online channels, and provided product photography and SEO optimization services.


Channel management

We updated Terranova Philippines’ inventory and product details, changed banners for new campaigns and sales, and liaised with marketplace account managers for the brand.


Inventory stock pool consolidation

We built a consolidated inventory stock pool for Terranova Philippines’ website, and marketplace stores.


Order and inventory synchronization

We implemented back-and-forth order and inventory synchronization for real-time visibility of product-specific stock availability across all of Terranova Philippines’ marketplaces.


Customer service management

We handled all customer service inquiries for the brand and made sure to meet marketplace service-level agreements.


Staff training and onboarding

We trained Terranova Philippines’ staff to become more adept with e-commerce tools and practices.



We stored Terranova Philippines’ e-commerce inventory in our warehouse to quickly fulfill deliveries once orders are made. We also handled last-mile logistics to deliver orders to customers on time based on SLAs.

What did Terranova Philippines achieve since going online?

Etaily launched and Terranova’s ZALORA storefront in January 2021 and achieved XX in their first three months of operations. Soon after, Terranova Philippines’ shop launched on Lazada, one of the largest online marketplaces in the country. This success pushed Terranova and Etaily to take their business partnership to the next level through enhanced performance marketing and added affiliate marketing.