Landmark kickstarts retail digital transformation

Landmark is a well-established offline retailer in the Philippines.

Landmark is a well-established offline retailer in the Philippines, but it struggled to go online at the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, which amplified the online shopping revolution. With Etaily, Landmark was able to successfully launch its online retail channels and deliver a seamless and uninterrupted shopping experience for its loyal customers.

For many businesses, the COVID-19 pandemic became their wake up call to finally start their digital transformation. Even leading e-commerce players saw the surge in tech adoption among businesses. For instance, web hosting company GoDaddy reported that, from February to April 2020, it saw a 48% increase in new paying subscribers and a 141% rise in the number of products ordered from its sites.

The shift of businesses from offline to online channels became evident in the Philippines as well. According to the Department of Trade and Industry, the number of registered online businesses in the country soared from 1,700 in January to March 2020 to 75,000 in April to September 2020.

Established businesses that mainly operated through brick-and-mortar stores also took the opportunity to move online to continue serving their customers. However, the shift to e-commerce became a struggle for brands that had no knowledge, resources, and manpower to do so. One of these established brands is Landmark, a leading department store that has been operating in the Philippines since 1998.

What were Landmark’s e-commerce needs?.

Landmark knew it needed to undertake a retail digital transformation to fully integrate its existing offline retail points with online channels and ultimately continue serving their customers amidst the pandemic. The department store also needed a business partner that could manage a wide range of online store operations, such as:
  • Fully updating its business tools to suit e-commerce
  • Providing a working infrastructure to integrate offline retail and online marketplaces
  • Managing and mapping inventory
  • Overseeing warehouse and fulfillment operations

As a true e-commerce enabler, Etaily came into the picture to help Landmark with its shift online.


How did Etaily meet Landmark’s needs?.

Etaily provided Landmark a full suite of omni-channel ecommerce solutions, such as the following:


Online retail channel creation

We built Landmark’s Lazada and Shopee online storefronts and strategically segmented its products online to make it easier for customers to navigate the online channels.


Content creation and management.

We took professional photos of Landmark’s products and provided clear descriptions for them to enhance the purchasing decision of the department store’s customers.


Channel and online store management

We updated Landmark’s inventory and product details, changed its banners for new campaigns and sales, and liaised with marketplace account managers.


Partnerships and campaign management

We coordinated with Lazada and Shopee account managers to ensure Landmark is always updated with new marketplace policies and sitewide campaigns.

Inventory management and SKU naming

We created a new SKU naming convention to suit e-commerce standards and helped Landmark’s suppliers migrate to the new naming system.


Performance marketing

We created foot traffic for Landmark’s online channels through interest targeting and performance marketing on Facebook and Google.


Social media management

We built and handled Landmark’s Facebook and Instagram accounts to drive traffic towards the store’s online channels and directly respond to customer inquiries.


Customer service management

We handled all customer service inquiries for Landmark and made sure to meet marketplace service-level agreements.



We stored Landmark’s e-commerce inventory in our warehouse to quickly fulfill deliveries once orders are made.

What did Landmark achieve since going online?

Upon going online, Landmark reached three major successes. First, it became recognized as one of the top eight brands in the “Kitchen & Dining” category on Lazada in May 2021. It also achieved PHP1 million GMV (gross merchandise value) in April 2020 and gained more than 24,000 followers on Instagram and almost 120,000 followers on Facebook.