eCommerce Enabler

eCommerce Enabler: What Is It and How Does it Work?

The COVID-19 pandemic brought massive disturbance to businesses

The COVID-19 pandemic brought about massive disturbance to businesses of all shapes and sizes. The World Bank reports that one-fourth of companies saw a 50% drop in sales.

The crisis put companies under immense pressure, forcing them to adapt quickly and make significant changes in their operations to stay afloat.

Local and international shopping malls did not escape the pandemic’s impact. Even with lockdowns and safety protocols easing up, consumer traffic is yet to return in its pre-pandemic state, affecting mall operators and retailers alike. Thus, brands shifted their business operations online to continue serving customers and keep their numbers moving.

The eCommerce boom increased the market’s global retail trade from about 14% in 2019 to 17% in 2020. Because of this, it’s expected that the eCommerce trend will continue to rise, even throughout pandemic recovery. Working with an eCommerce enabler becomes valuable and beneficial, as it can help brands navigate unfamiliar ground when doing business.

What is an eCommerce Enabler?.

An eCommerce enabler is a company that offers brands end-to-end solutions, such as digital marketing strategy, website optimization, customer service, and shipment and distribution, to operate their business through eCommerce platforms efficiently.

This shouldn’t be confused with eCommerce platforms like Shopee, Lazada, Alibaba, and Amazon. While they provide an avenue for businesses to sell their products and for consumers to browse and shop items online, these platforms fall short in assisting a brand’s operation from start to finish. Conversely, an eCommerce enabler is not a marketplace.

An eCommerce enabler can develop a solid digital strategy for brands to successfully run their business in the eCommerce space. Companies can also choose to get full or partial solutions from an enabler when setting up an online store.

How Does an eCommerce Enabler Work?.

Moving your business to the online marketplace is not easy and requires a lot of work. That’s why eCommerce enablers are here to extend their hand in helping brands promote, establish, sell, and manage their operations in digital platforms.

Managing operations.

From supply chain management, inventory management, order distribution, and customer service, an eCommerce business’ success is built upon its operations. An eCommerce enabler can customize strategies based on the specific goals and needs of a brand.

For businesses with zero experience in managing operations online, eCommerce enablers can help manage the store’s day-to-day on their behalf, as these service ecommerce solutions providers have great experience utilizing different marketplace models.

An eCommerce enabler can assist companies in tapping a larger customer base, boosting online presence, and reaching profit goals. Your partner can also help you with photo productions and product data translations based on the service package you choose.

Building the brand.

An eCommerce enabler can also take care of your brand content and campaigns. This ensures that your business observes the best online content marketing practices to boost customer engagement, your online presence, and your online sales.

These providers utilize different types of content, including graphics, photos, and videos, creating compelling materials to capture audience attention when they see your product listings in marketplaces. They can also oversee campaign management for your promotions.

Monitoring data.

To ensure that your eCommerce efforts are generating the numbers and results you’re aiming for, your eCommerce partner can present and translate insights from real-time reports. This helps you build your online retail presence productively.

An eCommerce enabler utilizes tools to audit your eCommerce setup and provides strategies to monitor your key performance indicators. With their expertise, they assess the data and make well-informed reports about what the numbers say about your operations—what works and where it needs optimization for more engagement and growth opportunities.

Implementing new technologies.

One of the main challenges in starting your eCommerce store is the lack of sufficient tools to keep up with the expansion of online marketplaces. If you’re a large business new to eCommerce, you’d want to work with a third-party company that can efficiently handle the bulk of the job.

eCommerce enablers use next-level infrastructure to expand their clients’ business capabilities and flexibility online. Some of the technologies you can look into when searching for a competent provider include an order management system, product information management system, and content management system, among others.


Prepare Your Business for the New Normal.

With the ever-evolving digital landscape and the rise of the pandemic, it’s not surprising to see many businesses building their presence online. As more people get acquainted with online shopping, inevitably, eCommerce is here to stay. Brands that wish to remain competitive in this era should consider working with eCommerce enablers for end-to-end eCommerce support.

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